Andrew Stroud Retires

SONY DSCAndrew 2

Andrew 1

This week Andrew Stroud, a Kiwi icon and 9-time New Zealand Superbike Champion, announced his retirement from racing at the age of 45. 

He is also directly connected to the Britten V1000 which he raced successfully in the BEARS category, at Assen, Daytona and the Isle of Man TT. At most meetings near Auckland, i.e. Pukekohe, Paeroa and Hampton Downs, he often spends time with Kevin Grant’s Britten on display, freely talking to the many admirers who pass by the stand. We at Tailpipes and Headlamps have followed Andrew throughout his career and we will miss his aggressive riding style, keeping much younger men in his rear view mirrors (except of course he doesn’t have them on his Suzuki GSX-R 1000 superbike).

SONY DSCAndrew has also been successful on classic bikes such as the Norton Manx 500, and we hope that he continues to ride these is a somewhat more “gentlemanly” form of motorcycle racing.

Thanks for the many memories Andrew.

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Cheers, Max

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I am married to Glen, I am an architect living in Auckland, New Zealand, and I ride a Ducati 999s
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1 Response to Andrew Stroud Retires

  1. DonDon says:

    Well that’s good news – with Andrew’s ability and background I would hope that he would continue to ride the world’s race circuits but in the ever-growing ‘old timers’ fast parade style events rather than showing the young un’s how it’s done.

    I wish Andrew good luck in whatever field he choses – cheers – Don

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