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Hi to you all

For a few years now, four friends: Jono, Justin, Andre and Max and our partners have been riding our motorcycles around New Zealand and, in some cases, a bit of Queensland, and we thought it would be great to record some of these trips for posterity and to share with anyone who is interested, some trips short and others longer, some together with all four, sometimes less and other times with our partners.

New Zealand is a paradise for anyone who likes motorcycling; the scenery is beautiful and varied, the roads are mainly winding and challenging, the people you meet are friendly, and you can ride at any time of year. However the best time to ride is from September through May as winter tends to be wet in the North Island and cold in the South Island.

I guess each trip has a different motivation. It may be:

  • A destination ride such as the trip to Wanganui that Andre and I have finished. We rode down from Auckland on Boxing Day to see the street races at the Cemetery Circuit, an iconic race meeting that has been held in Wanganui since 1951. Follow the website http://www.cemeterycircuit.co.nz/index.php?page=home. The ride is about 450km each way through some amazing roads, but more about that in a separate post.
  • A circuit ride such as our favourite, the Coromandel Loop
  • A longer tour such as around the North Island or the South Island, or both
  • To meet friends from other parts of the country
  • Or just to spend time together as good friends

So please feel  free to follow us. We may post some historical rides, to get us started, and we will do our best to add new information as it unfolds and any links that may be helpful. If you want to communicate with us, please email max.g@arcube.co.nz.



5 Responses to About this Site

  1. Ian Jowsey says:

    Nice website guys!
    From a fellow K1200S owner!

  2. Ian Jowsey says:

    I’m based at Hobsonville. I usually head North but have been joining the BMWORNZ club rides of late. I’m keen to visit new destinations. I also have a Moto Guzzi Stone Touring I bought because my fiancée was intimidated by the K1200s. After a few rides she’s worked out that she’s more comfortable on the BMW anyway!
    I’m looking at your site because I’m in CE training with Glen Grant right now and she said to take a look!

    • maxyg says:

      Ian. Because we’re in Howick we mainly go south. So why don’t you join us sometime. As you can see from the blog, there is a variety of bikes, Ducatis, Honda, Moto Guzzi, Yamaha etc. I can text you when we’re doing a ride, perhaps we can join you also. I’m a member of BWOR but haven’t ridden with them for a couple of years. Overdue perhaps. My mobile is 027 4748 237. Cheers. Max

  3. Ian Jowsey says:

    Hi Max
    That sounds great, as you’ll know finding the time to escape is difficult in the R.E. world but its is essential to clear the mind occasionally and there is no better way to do that than ride.
    Glen has my details and you can contact me on 027 252 8930.
    Cheers Ian

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