Cruising the Coromandel ~ TeneCoro

About this time last year I traded in my Yamaha Tenere XT660Z, I  thought it was about time to put together a couple of videos to show you what I used to get up to on it. 

The Tenere lived up to its reputation of being a great all-rounder and was well suited to exploring the Coromandel Peninsula, being based in Tairua (the bike that is). It was a great nimble machine on the twisty sealed sections and absolutely awesome on the gravel and beyond. 

Part 1 follows the highway north out of Tairua where our bach is, this is one of my all time favourite roads over what’s know locally as Pumpkin Hill. 


Part 2 features a ride north of Coromandel town following the gravel roads up the western coastline and along the tip of the Coromandel Peninsula

About Jono

I'm a keen and passionate rider - and have been riding for 17yrs. I've meet some fantastic friends through the rides that I've done and have even managed to get my wife to pillion with me on some of the 'wives' included trips. Getting away, being on the road and sharing adventures with your mates - there's no better way to spend a weekend.
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1 Response to Cruising the Coromandel ~ TeneCoro

  1. maxyg says:

    Thanks for the post. We have ridden the Coromandel roads so often together, (although obviously not the gravel roads since you are the only one who has had a suitable bike), your movies bring back very happy memories.

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