First Ride in Seven Months

I’m back, albeit nervously pulling in the clutch lever with my injured left hand. After just over seven months of waiting and hoping that my accident on 26 December had not ended my riding days, it was great to be back in the saddle again. It was just a short ride “round the block” without an ounce of testosterone, but it was enough to know that I can now look forward to replacing Helga who passed on to the great wrecker in the sky. Is my new love going to be red? We’ll see.

First Ride First Ride (2)Thanks to Justin for allowing me to use the Paso.




About maxyg

I am married to Glen, I am an architect living in Auckland, New Zealand, and I ride a Ducati 999s
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10 Responses to First Ride in Seven Months

  1. Nicola Stuart says:

    OMG Dad!! That is exciting news. Well done, you’ll be back into it……all in good time.

  2. maxyg says:

    Hopefully soon

  3. John Muir says:

    This is great news Max.

    John M

  4. ROSS says:

    Go RED Max, they go faster!

  5. desmoscene says:

    Well done Maxee! Are you sure you were only going ‘around the block’ Those panniers are a tell-tale sign you were planning the Coro Loop surely! How can you not fall in love with a red Italian beauty. GO RED, it’s the new Black.

    • maxyg says:

      Thanks Andre. No doubt we’ll talk soon. I need to look at your clutch lever again. It might fit my new red BMW.

  6. Tony says:

    Gday Max, good to hear you are now well and truly on the mend. I will give you a call and come for another catch up. Cheers Tony

  7. Ross Marshall says:

    Phenomenal progress Max. Good to see you back on the page. Don’t let the colour choice impede your decision making. I have just registered my bike for the SUMMER and will be watching out for you on a red, black, green, white, blue or even an orange bike. As long as it has two wheels! Well done.

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