New Tailpipes and Headlamps HQ

29Mar2014_5200After  years of careful planning, the Tailpipes HQ is taking shape. We used the blueprint from MotoGP workshops in order to create the effective space necessary for optimum performance tuning, leaving no stone unturned and no expense spared. We even had special carpet which is so anti-static that even the pattern has a hard time of staying in one place.

HQ started life as a “bits and pieces” shed for Justin’s various motoring interests, and was a complex jungle of BMW, Ducati and other cars and bikes in differing states of repair.

20140329_111742However Justin is a resourceful man (just turned 40 – Happy Birthday Justin) and he caught the vision of an atelier or studio where bikes can be restored, repaired and admired in a simple yet tasteful environment. So out with the old and in with the new. Justin installed two containers in his front yard to cater for the “unrestored” and Tailpipes and Headlamps HQ for the bikes.29Mar2014_5146


29Mar2014_5155When fully completed, HQ will enjoy surround sound music, comfortable sofa seating, room for several bikes, and plenty of memorabilia. Justin, Andre, Jono and Max will meet regularly to plan events and rides, compare bike parts and generally enjoy each other’s company. There’s plenty to talk about: getting the Suzuki Impulse back into track worthy condition, don’t worry Aaron, it’s all still there but has sat unused for a few years now); putting the finishing touches to the Moto Guzzi 1000 ready for track days and post-classic racing (more about that in a future post);

So this is a collection of photos of the current bikes, the Suzuki, Ducati 750 Sport. 916, Paso 906, Mike Hailwood Replica, Moto Guzzi, and Schumacher’s mini bikes.


Guzzi Tailpipes


What’s Schumie so nervous about? – No helmet?



Max lends a hand – well he only has one good one


Andre tries out the Guzzi – Andre, it’s not street legal



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