Any ride is better than none

Today I hit the road for a quick ride, the first opportunity in a long time due to an expanding and young family. It is after all very important to keep ones battery charged (wink, wink) and the Yamaha’s battery needed a tickle up.

I was under strick instructions by my crew chief Maddie to keep my revs low and stay within Tairua township.


Five minutes later I arrived at my destination for a well deserved coffee. Here I am at the entrance to Tairua harbour with Pauanui across the channel.


About Jono

I'm a keen and passionate rider - and have been riding for 17yrs. I've meet some fantastic friends through the rides that I've done and have even managed to get my wife to pillion with me on some of the 'wives' included trips. Getting away, being on the road and sharing adventures with your mates - there's no better way to spend a weekend.
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3 Responses to Any ride is better than none

  1. Marianne and Tig Martin says:

    she’s cute as…and I don’t mean the bike.

  2. desmoscene says:

    Hey Jono, Great to see a chick mechanic in the making for our Tailpipes Group. Sad to see you haven’t sold the Yamaha (NOT!) Good to see you were out riding for an extended tour of Tairua; I bet your backside was aching after that run……Max will be able to join you soon, he recently completed the 2nd Ave loop of Maraetai, which is not for the fainthearted, hehe. Seriously though, great to see that the spark is still there (And I mean that for both you and the Yamaha). Catch you soon. Cheers.

  3. JonoJono says:

    Hi Andre, it sure was nice to get out for a ride. Even a small one round town was a buzz and put a smile on my face. The TeneCoro videos are currently uploading to YouTube so watch out for the post. Catch you soon.

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