Coromandel Adventure Riding

The Coromandel Peninsula is not only home to the top rated roads that Max reviewed in a previous post, it’s also an adventure riders paradise.

This particular playground is the main reason I traded my MT-01 for the Tenere.              It would of course have been sacrilege to expose the MT-01 to the gravel.

Owning a dual purpose bike in New Zealand means your playground instantly doubles in size, there’s an abundance of unsealed roads to explore in godzone.

One thing that has struck me about adventure riding is that you don’t have to rack up loads of miles to keep the fun coming.

Panoramic views from Castle Rock Road looking North West

Panoramic views from Castle Rock Road looking North West

The photos below are from a recent trip up the Eastern flanks of Northern Coromandel. Passing by Kennedy Bay through Port Charles to Stony Bay you eventually reach the tip of the Coromandel Peninsula. That is on the East Side, I will save the completely different scenery of the West coast to another chapter.

Kennedy Bay Road Summit – looking West toward Coromandel town

Kennedy Bay Road Summit – looking East toward Kennedy Bay

Waikawau Bay

Little Bay

Looking East across Port Charles

Looking West across Stony Bay

Approaching Stony Bay

Stony Bay

It really is a Stony Bay

I recently spent some time exploring the West Coast above Colville. The gravel roads North of Colville Bay are brilliant as the road hugs the coastline some 30km through to Port Jackson.

West Coast looking South toward Colville Bay & Coromandel

Classic West Coast Scenery


About Jono

I'm a keen and passionate rider - and have been riding for 17yrs. I've meet some fantastic friends through the rides that I've done and have even managed to get my wife to pillion with me on some of the 'wives' included trips. Getting away, being on the road and sharing adventures with your mates - there's no better way to spend a weekend.
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3 Responses to Coromandel Adventure Riding

  1. Rebecca Strang says:

    Loves the pics Jono. It’s just too bad we live so far away and David can’t join you on your boys’ trips…of course that would mean having to buy a bike too (minor issue)…

  2. Paul Wheeler says:

    Hey Jono, great photos, the photo titled Approaching Stoney Bay looks awesome. I am very envious.

  3. Don says:

    Paul I’ve got the bike but we don’t have official access to the dirt roads here in Scotland although I do sneak onto forestry tracks now and again.

    Lovely photos – lovely country – thanks for sharing – Don

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