Jono’s Past and Present Bike Gallery

About Jono

I'm a keen and passionate rider - and have been riding for 17yrs. I've meet some fantastic friends through the rides that I've done and have even managed to get my wife to pillion with me on some of the 'wives' included trips. Getting away, being on the road and sharing adventures with your mates - there's no better way to spend a weekend.
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2 Responses to Jono’s Past and Present Bike Gallery

  1. Aaron Dove says:

    An impressive array Jono 🙂 Do you still have the 750? Justin told me years ago it was a sublime handling machine.


  2. Jono says:

    Gidday Aaron, glad you’re enjoying our blog. It’s not until I posted all the photos of my past bikes that I realised that I have had good mix. The two I miss the most are the 750 & Aprilia. Sadly I only have the Tenere now, but its a great all round machine. Great to hear from you Aaron.

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